Headshots  are essential in today's connected world.  People want to
see you.  They want to see with whom they are doing business (or with whom they "may" do business.)

Your headshot is the image you present to the world.

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While it seems like a simple process, getting a great headshot is more than pointing and shooting.  It is more like a conversation. It should be relaxed and easy.

It can be creative or straight forward, conservative or artistic.  When done right, your headshot will look natural and real.  It will express who are, rather than just be a record of what you look like.

Our headshots serve many purposes from LinkedIn profiles to press releases, book jackets and casting calls., but the intent is always the same - To show you at your best,  comfortable in your skin and ready to engage.    Every  professional needs a good, current headshot they can access when needed.

Headshots can be done in studio or on location using a wide variety of lighting techniques and backgrounds tailored to your specific needs. Company-wide headshot sessions are always useful when seeking to have a consistent look for websites and other material.