BILL Brokaw

Photographer,  environmental scientist, parent.

Earthling (third planet, the blue one) land-based biped, mammal, mono-lingual, diurnal, not an endangered species.

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 BROKAW Photography & VIDEO

Brokaw Photography is owned and operated by Bill Brokaw, Photographer.  It's 1200 square foot, studio is located in Frenchtown, Hunterdon County, NJ on the banks of the mighty Delaware River.  In the heart of the greater New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia region.

Bill's creates compelling images and videos for small businesses, corporations, publications, entrepreneurs and other professionals.  The primary intent is always to create images and video that vividly express what the client is all about and communicate their message.

Bill's approach is easy, relaxed and spontaneous resulting from years of training and experience. He blends light, original composition, sense of  timing and relationship with subjects to make an impression on viewers and visually market the client.

Bill grew up on the east coast just beyond the suburbs and has been a photographer his whole life.  Like most Americans, Bill's ancestors were immigrants. His great-great-great, grandfather, Bourgon Broucard (a Huguenot refugee) wandered over from Europe back in 1675,  settled in New Jersey and changed his name to Brokaw. All Brokaws are related to ol' Bourgon (Tom Brokaw, too.)

Bill lives out in the country, earned a B.S. in environmental science, worked as an assistant, photojournalist and freelancer and grew the Brokaw Photography business to what it is today, a thriving photo and video studio.

He has photographed hundreds of events, businesses and professionals, shot assignments for magazines, newspapers and other publications, assisted master photographers and photographed people and places throughout the US, Africa, China and the UK.

Below are links to a few recent clients who are using images by Brokaw Photography to communicate their message and advance their businesses.